You can see my cuttings from my time at the New Statesman here, and my columns for the i newspaper here

Mike Pence has a point about men and women in the workplace—but not for the reason he thinks – Prospect magazine – 4/7/2017

A proud citizen of anywhere: Andrew Solomon’s quest to celebrate difference – New Statesman – 18/3/2017

The age of self: the strange story of how YouTubers saved publishing – New Statesman – 26/9/2016

“I am happy to be proved wrong”: Amanda Feilding on trepanning, and the benefits of LSD – New Statesman – 22/6/2016

The young people broadcasting their crimes on social media – New Statesman – 15/6/2016

Internet histories week – a week of pieces about life online which I commissioned and edited for the New Statesman  – May 2016

The novels that taught me what to think about royals – New Statesman – 20/5/2016

The Pill pushback– New Statesman print and online – 29/4/2016

When it comes to financial literacy, millennials are a lost generation – New Statesman – 20/4/2016

Ethereum: the competitor to Bitcoin which could transform entire industries – New Statesman print and online – 12/4/2016

Labour can do better than Andy Burnham’s half-hearted opposition to the Snoopers’ Charter – New Statesman – 16/3/2016

“The worst things I’ve ever seen”: the paedophiles of Facebook, and the ordinary people fighting them  – New Statesman – 19/2/2016

Marie Kondo is more than a tidying guru – she has perfected a radical theory of possessions – New Statesman print and online – 25/1/2016

We wouldn’t segregate workplaces by gender – so why schools? – The Independent – 7/01/2016

Is this what a feminist conference looks like? – The Guardian – 26/10/2016

A 60-year romance: an interview with Joyce Carol Oates  –New Statesman – 9/9/2015

This Ada Lovelace Day, let’s celebrate women in tech while confronting its sexist culture – New Statesman – 13/10/2015

The concept behind Peeple isn’t even new – we’ve been judging each other online for years  –The Independent – 2/10/2015

Why the philosophy of people-rating app Peeple is fundamentally flawed – New Statesman – 2/10/2015

Journalists, welcome to the adblocker apocalypse – New Statesman – 18/9/2015

Rating algorithms, horse falls and cartoon penises: the BBFC in 2015 – New Statesman – 9/9/2015

Technology isn’t ruining modern dating – humans areNew Statesman – 7/8/2015

At the Sweets Way show home, activists are standing up to developers using hammers and paintbrushes – New Statesman – 29/7/2015

Interview with Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn  – New Statesman – 15/6/2015

Girlhood avoids easy answers in its portrayal of growing up in the Paris suburbs – New Statesman – 12/5/2015

Britain Now Has More Openly Queer Legislators Than Any Other Country  – Slate – 12/5/2015

Greater diversity is the only victory progressives can celebrate today – The Independent – 8/5/2015

Whatever happens tomorrow, an equal parliament is some way off – New Statesman – 6/5/2015

Bermondsey & Old Southwark: The Last Liberal?– New Statesman and May2015 – 5/5/2015

Why I swapped my vote with a stranger – New Statesman – 23/04/2015

Biting the hand that funds: is the Tate losing out from its association with sponsors BP? – New Statesman – 23/4/2015

I Wore an Electric Bracelet for Two Weeks That Shocked Me Every Time I Fucked Up – Vice – 2/4/2015

New York destroyed a community of African American landowners to create Central Park – CityMetric – 30/3/2015

The campaign to end the “tampon tax” has found itself an unlikely ally in Ukip – New Statesman – 11/3/2015

How to tell a good story – IdeasMag – 19/02/2015

Europe and its demons: How To Hold Your Breath at the Royal Court Theatre – New Statesman – 11/2/2015

Can you write that it’s really hard, trying to do the right thing?’: The UK’s anti-vaccination movement is alive and well, and we can’t ignore it – The Independent – 6/2/2015

Why did Goldsmiths comedy society cancel Kate Smurthwaite’s gig? – New Statesman  – 2/2/2015

6 misguided defences of “Manspreading”The Independent – 14/1/2015

Macaulay Culkin death hoax: Now social media is a news source, it’s time it started acting like one – The Independent – 9/11/2014

Live in guardians: one radical solution to the UK’s housing problem – New Statesman – 14/8/2014

Feminist biology is challenging science’s gender biases – The Guardian – 16/5/2014

How guns and bikinis make your online photos more popular  – The Guardian – 30/4/2014

Desiree Akhavan, ‘the New Lena Dunham’, to star in next season of GirlsThe Guardian – 29/4/2014

Pole fitness: the respectable face of pole dancing?The Guardian –  29/4/2014

10 things Shakespeare can teach us about businessManagement Today – 23/4/2014

Martin Creed exhibition review – The Harker – April 2014

The Year of Moran (interview with Caitlin Moran) – XCity Magazine – April 2014

Why should this baby ruin your career? -XCity Magazine – April 2014

A Change of Heart  –XCity Magazine – April 2014

What subjects do journalists study at university? -XCity Magazine – April 2014

Immigration Street to be filmed in Southampton (additional reporting) – Southern Daily Echo – 16 April 2014

Why are we so scared of breasts? – Huffington Post -17/2/2014

Common toad sees a worrying declineSouthampton Daily Echo  – 17/4/2014

No standard offering of aid for dyslexiaTimes Higher Education – 3/4/2014

Editorial credit – Uncut Magazine and Lou Reed special – February 2014

Scottish oil payouts – Private Eye  (In the Back section) – February 2014

Good Idea: Brain training helps pupils develop concentration – Children & Young People Now – 21/1/2014

News stories – Children & Young People Now – January 2014

Review: Courtney Barnett, A Sea of Split Peas The Harker – 21/1/2014

Laughing at Bridget Jones – and why you might be laughing at yourself – Femusings Magazine [site down] – December 2013

Beauty routines around the world – Femusings Magazine [site down] – December 2013

Interview with Rachel Ward-Sale, bookbinder to the Booker – November 2013

Peter John’s Gifts and Hospitalities – Private Eye – November 2013

Peter John Gifts and Hospitalities

Oxford University is Not a Training Ground for Misogyny  – Bad Housekeeping – 29/10/2013

Editorial Credit – Times Magazine – August 2013

Data work and research GCSE/A-Level supplements – The Times – August 2013

Amount of sugar in children’s smoothies ‘higher than in cola’ (£) – The Times – August 2013

Manager plundered £1m from hospital to ‘fund work on home’ (£) – The Times – August 2013

Interview: Sheila Heti – Cherwell – January 2013

Chris Patten needs to devote time to being our Chancellor – The Spectator – November 2012

Features on Chinese Business – Shanghai Business Review – August 2012

Interview: Sue Sanders, founder of LGBT History Month – Cherwell – 19/2/2012

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Isis Magazine – November 2011

Interview: Eve Best – Cherwell – November 2011

Review: Felix Dennis, Oxford Union – Oxford Theatre Review – November 2011

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